Donna Scott and staff treat all skin types, tones, colors and skin conditions. “The difference is skin physiology and what will work for the patient as an individual,” Scott says.

Donna is a nationally known skin care expert for designer laser procedure and signature medical grade peels. She has had the privilege to provide treatments on many celebrities and individuals with a vast array of skin conditions. Her list continues to grow as she has participated with the Oscars, MTV awards, NFL Draft, Jimmy Rollins Locals and Legends and many more nationally recognized events. Donna always respects the privacy of those who want to keep her a secret.

“I added a ‘Secret’ to my company name (Donna Scott Secret Med Spa) because I found a lot of people want their age, products, skincare procedures and treatments to be kept a secret!” Donna’s favorite treatment is the designer Photofacial. The results literally turn back the hands of time revealing a youthful, fresh and healthy glow. Other services include treatments for psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, vessel, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, teeth whitening and hair removal. All patient care plans are individually priced and require a consultation.

Presenting Donna Scott

Donna Scott’s Credentials:

  • 2014 Best of Philadelphia – Present by The Philadelphia Award Program, Best Med Spa
  • 2013 PC Magazine Best Facialist
  • 2012 Donna Scott Celebrity Spa Lounge will be performing
    DesignerMedical Grade Facials on the Celebrity attendees
    at the Academy Awards in February
  • 2012 Donna received the coveted Allure Magazine Best of
    Beauty Award
  • 2011 She launched Donna Scott Secret Collagen Serum
    A product that creates flawless skin, brighter, tighter, firmer
    Skin! The difference is skin science rebuilding collagen an
    Essential building block to healthier, fresh, younger looking
  • 2011 Donna was invited to attend New York Fashion Week
    CelebrityGift Suite Merecedez-Benz Honorary Lounge
  • 2011 Donna attended the MTV Movie Awards where she
    performed her transforming Signature Medical Grade
    Facials on many Celebrities in attendance.
  • 2010 Donna received the desirable InStyle Magazine
  • Beauty Black BookAward
  • 2009 Donna received Philadelphia Weekly Image Award
  • 2009 Acknowledged in Where Magazine.
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